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1. Prices shown exclude any taxes (if any)
3. Voice calls are charged with low rates at RM0.09/ min. Low IDD call rates for international calls.
4. Maxis installer will only configure the modem and router provided by Maxis.
5. Only standard installation is entitled for free and non-standard installation is subject to additional charges.
6. All charges included in the bill and made only after installation is complete except non-standard installation charges are paid directly to the installer.
What you'll get

Benefit When Subscribe Maxis Fibre


*You may rotate your phone to landscape view or see on desktop for better experience.
Speed30 Mbps100 Mbps300 Mbps500 Mbps800 Mbps
PriceRM 89/monthRM 129/monthRM 149/monthRM 219/monthRM 299/month
Promotion DISCOUNT RM 120
*Pay RM 79/month for the first 12 month
*Pay original price RM 89/month from 13th month onwards
No Offer DISCOUNT RM 480
*Pay RM 129/month for the first 24 months.
**Pay original price RM 149/month from 25th month onwards
*Pay RM 199/month for the first 24 months.
*Pay original price RM 219/month from 25th month onwards
*Pay RM 279/month for the first 24 months.
*Pay original price RM 299/month from 25th month onwards
FREE WiFi 6 Router
FREE Standard Installation
FREE Maxpert Installation
FREE Registration
MESH WiFi Add-on MESH WiFi at RM 300/unit
*one-time purchase
FREE 2 units of MESH WiFi
*one-time purchase
Contract24-Months Contract
Termination12-month remain: RM 1548 | 3-months remain: RM 500
Transfer RequestFREE 3-month billFREE 6-month billNo Offer
Voice CallRM 0.09/min. Add-on RM 10/month for DECT Phone
Add-OnAdd-on unlimited voice call (VU) at RM 10/month
Home DeviceAdd-on RM 29/monthAdd-on RM 19/monthAdd-on RM 9/monthAdd-on RM 1/monthAdd-on RM 1/month
Download: 50 Mbps
Upload: 10 Mbps
Download: 100 Mbps
Upload: 50 Mbps
Download: 300 Mbps
Upload: 50 Mbps
Download: 500 Mbps
Upload: 100 Mbps
Download: 800 Mbps
Upload: 200 Mbps

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Fibre High-Speed Internet
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